We living in one of the most exciting times of human existence. We have reached the apex of human achievements. We have went through the Renaissance period when men began to embrace the ideals of human ability and potential were reborn. The Renaissance bears cognisance to the Christian rebirth phenomenon. The word is a compound of two French root words; “naissance” meaning birth and “renaitre” meaning to revive.

Civilisation endured a plethora of eras which have caused man to better appreciate himself and the world he lives in. We have always longed to better enjoy the human experience and have continuously sought to better ourselves. Incumbent to these were “uprisings” such as the Industrial and French Revolutions respectively. Aristocracy was challenged and efficiency has improved dramatically. At the turn of the millennium the information age leaped into a millennium of its own.

With all these developments, morality has gravitated towards decay. Society has been subjected to vanity and the way of man has been corrupted. We’re now scraping the ceiling of human capacity and hence these calamities have befallen us. In this epoch, the prophecy of Obadiah awaits fulfilment. Obadiah 1v21 “And SAVIOURS shall come up on mount Zion to judge the mount of Esau; and the kingdom shall be the LORD’S.” –emphasis mine.

In all the strata of society, Saviours are needed! Those saviours are descending from Mount Zion. As corruption looms the streets, creation cries out for Saviours. The educational sector, the economy is heavily challenged, the governments of the world and even the entertainment industry are all waiting for Saviours from Mount Zion to redeem it.

Success for you is mandatory, it happens by default. You are simply a victim of prophecy. You must excel. The world awaits another Renaissance; it needs to be “born again”! Perhaps you shall be the Shakespeare, Donatello, Da Vinci or Raphael of this rebirth. We all await you to shine, bring redemption and much needed change to the sphere you’re meant to occupy.

Remember that you’re unlimited in the space of what you’re passionate about.

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